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Packaging Sets

We also offer the following Moving Box sets. These sets are based upon average quantities needed for varying sized homes. Your home may be densely or sparsely filled (or somewhere in between!!) so it may be easier for us to provide a no obligation home visit to assess this requirement.

Assuming you are confident in tackling your own packing requirements and upon acceptance of our removal quote these materials can be delivered to you without charge and usually without delay. Deliveries are available from Monday to Friday, so just get in touch and we’ll dispatch materials quickly so you can get ‘cracking on your packing’.

Pack 1: £45.00
15 Medium and 5 Large Boxes, 10m Bubble wrap, 1 x Roll Brown Adhesive Tape, 1/2 x Ream of Packing Paper (Guide – Studio/1 Bedroom Flat)
Pack 2: £65.00
25 Medium and 10 Large Boxes, 10m Bubble Wrap, 2 x Roll Brown Adhesive Tape, 1 x Ream of Packing Paper (Guide – Large 1 Bedroom/2 Bedroom Flat)
Pack 3: £90.00
35 Medium and 15 Large Boxes, 15m Bubble Wrap, 3 x Roll Brown Adhesive Tape, 1 x Ream Packing Paper (Guide – 2 – 3 Bedroom House)
Pack 4: £120.00
50 Medium and 20 Large Boxes, 20m Bubble Wrap, 4 x Roll Brown Adhesive Tape, 1.5 x Ream Packing Paper  (Guide 3 – 4 Bedroom House)

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